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Renata Drygas, artist,

interior designer

    Renata Drygas is a member of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers. She was born in Wrocław. In this city, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design, majoring in Interior Architecture. She defended her diploma in interior design with prof. Michał Jędrzejewski, and the annex to the diploma in painting with prof. Marek Jakubek.

    Renata Drygas deals with painting, computer graphics, photography and drawing with equal success, as well as interior design and arrangement. Her work is thematically diverse, but for years she has been inspired by nature and the fantastic, magical and mysterious world. The artist remains faithful to realism in the way she presents her visions. Her paintings and graphics are in the resources of art collectors in Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy, the United States and Australia.

    "I am deeply convinced that the images we come into contact with, through artistic means: color, form, have a real impact on our emotions and imagination, sometimes even on our inner transformation, on our perception of other people or the environment in which we live. They can also be an answer to questions bothering us or an impulse for some actions or searches.

    For the creator of paintings, it is a kind of responsibility to lead his recipients through art to something good, edifying and valuable. Through my works, I try to stimulate the viewer to reflect, intrigue him, move him into a magical, mysterious world - the World of Imagination, the World of Dreams, and thus move some of his inner strings in him so that it produces a positive sound for the world (the real world, the "here and now"). It is definitely not an easy challenge.

    Oil painting is my favorite technique of expression and I use it most often. It is also a technique that constantly reveals new possibilities for me, and the secrets of which can be constantly explored, making the creation process a continuous journey, discovery, learning and fun, which makes it even more interesting.

    Photography is also an image. What captivates me most about it is the possibility of observing the life and anatomy of tiny creatures (macrophotography), but also the opportunity to capture fleeting moments in reportage photography or emotions in portrait photography. I also like to capture the beauty of landscapes and nature.

     The possibility of creating, implementing new ideas, expressing myself through art, be it through painting, graphics, drawing or through photography, or through interior design, is invaluable to me. I have always been accompanied by the desire to create something new, since I was a child I never parted with paints and crayons. For me, the very process of creation is like air, without which it is impossible to live. If, in addition, I manage to make the recipient stop for a moment, think looking at the fruit of my work, imagine something, dream about something, feel something, miss something, then the satisfaction is double and I double know that it is worth doing it, what am I doing."

Prizes and awards:

2023 winner of an international competition "World Art Awards 2023", United States, sixth place in the Fantasy Landscape category
2022 winner of an international competition "American Art Awards 2022", United States, sixth place in the Fantasy Landscape category
2002 prize "Health And Nature" International Expo New York, United States
2001 special prize "Holistica 2001" - The Art Exhibition New Britain, Connecticut, United States

Individual exhibitions:

2019 "Magical Landscapes" Oleśnica, Poland
2002 "Cosmic Space" Gdańsk, Poland
2002 "Cosmic Space" Wołów, Poland
2002 "The Energetic Mandala" New York, United States
2001 "Journeys To Heavenly Planets" Wołów, Poland
2001 "Cosmic Impressions" Katowice, Poland

Collective exhibitions:

2023 "Łódź600", Muzeum Fabryki, Łódź, Poland
2022 Jubilee Exhibition Of The Association Of Polish Artists And Designers "After Art" Wrocław, Poland
2020 "In The Footsteps Of Leon Wyczółkowski" Bydgoszcz, Poland
2001 "Energetic Impressions" New Britain, Connecticut, United States
2000 "Wrocław Millennium Celebration" Wrocław, Poland
1995 "The Creativity Of The Young" Gdynia-Orłowo, Poland
1994 National Competition Of Small Sculptural Forms "Family" Olsztyn, Poland
1994 "Samson And Delilah" By Camille Saint-Saens And "Pimpinone" By George Ph. Telemann In The Poster, Wrocław, Poland


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